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Nausea is an experimental indie game which focuses on health, surgery, firearms and drugs and attempts to give them a realistic portrayal. It aims to immerse the player into a disturbing setting, filled with gloom and absurd, whilst focusing primarily on their freedom and the consequences that arise from it.



  • An intricate inventory system. Every item can be wielded and used by either hand and has its own size. The player can keep smaller items in their jacket or on their waist
  • Advanced firearm handling. The player can manually unload, load and rack each weapon, toggle safety, load individual bullets into magazines and much more
  • A robust health system. Instead of a simple health meter each character's condition depends on the state of each one of their limbs, the pain they're going trough, the amount of blood they have left and the chemicals that flow besides it
  • Surgery has its own menu. Whilst in it the player can mouseover each individual body part for a display of its current condition. That includes pain, bleeding, infection and any bullet shrapnel or debris that had been lodged into it. Once wounded, the player by necessity has to manually remove any impaled objects, suture, bandage, disinfect the wound et cetera
  • A huge variety of drugs, each having its own effect on the protagonist, from simple pain numbing to forcing adrenaline rushes
  • All actions connected with a dynamic animation system
  • Fully dynamic lightning
  • Powered by Unreal Engine 4


WASD - Movement
ZX - Camera
Left Mouse Button - Use Right Hand
Right Mouse Button - Use Left Hand
Click on items to pick them up
Shift(Hold) - Walk
Caps Lock - Toggle Walk
V(Hold) + Mouse - Drop
R(Hold) + Mouse - Unload/Pump
ALT(Hold) + R(Hold) - Alternative (Rack pistol, half pump shotgun)
C - Swap Item with empty hand
Middle Mouse - Toggle Safety
Q(Hold) - Health/Surgery Menu
E(Hold) - Inventory
Mouse Wheel - Scroll inventory/Zoom camera
K - Give up
0 - Load Demo room
9 - Load Warehouse level
5 - Force AI characters to fire
4 - Call enemies
3 - Force slow motion
1 - Health debug menu
Esc - Pause menu

Treat wounds by going into the Health menu (Q) and pressing the USE
button on the wounded body part with the necessary tool in hand

Forceps remove shrapnel (untreated causes pain on movement)
Sutures close up severe bleeding
Bandages stop medium-mild bleeding
Thrombin heals medium-mild bleeding (shrapnel has to be removed first)
Empty hand to remove bandages
Pain is represented by film grain and color aberration
Blood Loss is represented by color desaturation and vignette

To use a drug equip it and use the hand it is in
Paracetamol, Codeine, Tramadol, Hydrocodone are painkillers
Morphine supresses pain for a while
Epinephrine causes an adrenaline rush
Epoetin stimulates blood production

To unload a handgun, hold R and press the mouse button in control of
the armed hand. This will also drop the magazine. If you intend on
keeping it instead, use the other hand, presuming its empty. To load, use
the hand equipped with a magazine whilst holding an empty handgun in
your second hand.

Keep in mind that this is an early preview and the game is still under heavy development


v0.1.3 (25.05.2017):
-You can now push open doors by running into them
-Added the .357 Revolver. Unload to open cylinder, unload again to unload, alt use to spin, use to close it back. Try playing Russian roulette with it
-rewrote some of the bloated old code
-misc fixes

v0.1.2 (05.05.2017):
-Added the 9mm pistol
-Minor changes and fixes, mostly related to firearms

v0.1.1 (29.04.2017):
-Fixed vertical aiming
-Fixed doors not being detected by pathfinding
-Other minor changes, mostly regarding the AI and blood

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Published30 days ago
TagsExperimental, Isometric, unreal-engine


Nausea v0.1.3.zip (128 MB)
Nausea v0.1.2.zip (128 MB)
Nausea v0.1.1.zip (128 MB)
Nausea v0.1.0.zip (128 MB)

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